American Legion Post 178, Marysville WA

American Legion: The Nation's Largest Wartime Veterans Service Organization  

The post resides in one of the oldest buildings in Marysville and appears to be the last of the original, brick-front, traditional buildings that were erected on Cedar Avenue around the turn of the 20th Century.  Our building was originally connected to a row of similar buildings that ran from our corner at 2nd St south to the alley.  All of those other buildings are now gone.  The building has served as a bank, a grocery store and a funeral parlor during the 1920's -- the latter which was run by C. S. Schaefer. [Today's Schafer-Shipman Funeral Home is located on State Avenue.] A World War I veterans group owned the building prior to Post 178 acquiring it.

The main facility consists of the original building, constructed in 1914, and an addition referred to as the "small hall" that was built some time later. The building is well suited for small to medium sized community functions, such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day celebrations which we host each year. It is also used by private groups and individuals for fundraisers, wedding receptions, birthday or holiday parties and other social and community gatherings, which is the main fundraising stream for the Post. Without these funds we would not be able to provide the support to the community that we do. For more information about the hall please use the "Hall Rental" link in this page's left column, or click here.

The post membership is made up of wartime era veterans from WWII to the present who have decided they want to give something back to their fellow vets and to their home community, while enjoying the connection with peers. If that interests you and you would like to learn more about us, or if you are already a member of the American Legion and want to transfer your membership to Post 178, please contact us or come to a meeting. To get back to this page use the back arrow on your web browser or select another link at the top of the page.